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Traktor Belarus 952.7



Traktor je určen pro různé zemědělské provozy s nesenými, polonesenými a taženými stroji a nářadím, pro nakládání a vykládání, pro přepravní operace i pro pohon stacionárních zemědělských strojů.

Type F
Turbocharged diesel engine with direct fuel injection. Stage V
Model Caterpillar C3.6
Rated power, kW [hp] 70 [95]
rated speed, rpm 2200
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement 3,6
Maximum torque, Nm 410
of torque backup, % 34
Fuel tank capacity / tank capacity adBlue, 1 135/16
Clutch dry, single-disk, diaphragm type
Gearbox mechanical, synchromesh
Number of gears: forward/reverse 14/12
Travel speed, km/h: forward/reverse 2.4 - 35.2 / 2.2 -17.7
Rear PTO:
continuous, 1 rpm 540
continuous, II rpm 1000
PTO control electrohydraulic
Main parameters and dimensions  
Overall length [with ballast weights of FLL], mm 4500
Width, mm 1970
Height [to cabin top], mm 2850
Tractor base, mm 2450
Track, mm:
front wheels 1535-2120
rear wheels 1500-2100
Agrotechnical clearance, mm 520
Least turning radius, m 4,5
Operating weight, kg 5530
Tire sizes [standard]:
1 front wheels 360/70R24
| rear wheels 18,4R34
Hydraulic lift linkage
Maximum lifting capacity at suspension point, kg 4200
Maximum pressure, Mpa 20
Pump performance, l/min 46
Hydraulic system capacity, 1 28
Remote-cylinder with hydraulic hoist, providing draft, position, mixed and depth control of agricultural implements.


Basic configuration:

  • Air conditioner.
  • Front ballast weight.
  • LED working lights.
  • Electrically adjustable and heated mirrors.
  • Electrohydraulic RLL control system.

Optional configuration:

  • Front lift linkage.
  • Front PTO.
  • Stereo receiver connection.
  • Kit for twinning of rear wheels.

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